Bowling Tips for Beginners

First thing you must perfect is your ability to throw the straight ball and be consistent. Learning the straight ball can be very easy for the beginner. Perfect your throw with practice and you will have the advantage over your friends. With practice you will be able to pick up spares and enjoy the game with your friends more.

Second comes your delivery and how many steps you take. You will need to figure out what works best for you. There are a number of different approach’s the three-step, four-step and a five-step approach delivery are all slightly different in the way one bowls and how the shot speed is adjusted. Finding the delivery that feels the most comfortable is the best thing for beginners to find.

Third comes your release this is very important to the overall shot and it predicts where your ball is going to land and how it rolls. Always remember to release the ball after it has passed over your left foot (for righties). By releasing the ball when it passes over your left foot you will have better aim toward the lane and the pins. This technique will feel awkward at first but will soon become part of your natural bowling release. And as always practice is the only way to master your release.

Last comes the delivery and how far past the foul line the ball should be released. This is harder to standardize because everyone has different sizes and heights. The ball speed and length of one’s stride will have effects on one’s personal delivery. A bowler with short arms and short legs will probably release the ball inches past the foul line. Just remember there is no correct or incorrect amount of distance for your delivery because it varies by player and technique.